Organized by: Wonder Art Production 2009 森のアート海のゲイジュツ

I find smells in a forest and extract them together with the children of age 7 – 12 on-site. We share  inspirations and wonders.

What do you smell now?

Where does it come from?

How would you describe the smell?

Why does it smell and what you smell?

We find the different smells of flower, leaf, tree bark, root, sand, mud, animal shit, etc. About 20 different scents are extracted. (the same amount as the participants)

Morning: Walking in the Shakujii Park(石神井公園), collecting materials

Afternoon: Extracting at Chihiro Museum (岩崎ちひろ美術館)

The extracted smells are exhibited as SMELL BAR at: Mitaka City Museum