2011.03. ARTNEWS March / 2011


2011.02.23. Algemeen Dagblad (NL), Edible Perfume Workshop

2011.02.03. CINEMATODAY (JP), Palm Top Theater

2011.01.31. International Film Festival Rotterdam DAILY TIGER (NL), Palm Top Theater

2011.01.27. International Film Festival Rotterdam DAILY TIGER (NL), Palm Top Theater

2011.01.03. The Straits Time (SG), AROMASCAPE of Singapore 

2010.12.07. TODAY - Learning the art way - 2 & 3 (SG), AROMASCAPE of Singapore

2009.09. THE OUTLOOK MAGAZINE  - smell of violence (CN), If there ever was


2009 New York Times Magazine (US), If ther ever was

2008 EG | PC magazine (NL), 7 smells,  ISBN: 978-90-810813-4-4

2006.01. CBK magazijn Rotterdam (NL), Aangenaam

2005.09.13. Asahi Newspaper, morning edition (JP), Kawabegawa Dam

2004.11.04. Rotterdams Dagblad (NL), Hole in the Earth

2004.07.25. Shopping Weekend (ID), Hole in the Earth

2004 Metro Bandung (ID), Hole in the Earth

2005.01.29. Tosho Shimbun (JP), Hole in the Earth

2003 De Volkskrant (NL), Touch-Me-Gently /QI Kunsteiland

2003.01.14. Koran Tempo (ID), Hole in the Earth

2003.12.22. Trouw - top page (NL), Hole in the Earth

2003.12.14. Kompas (ID), Hole in the Earth

2003.12. move (ID)- Dec 2003, Hole in the Earth

2001.06.11. Rotterdams Dagblad (NL), Hole in the Earth

2001.06.08. Rotterdams Dagblad (NL), Hole in the Earth

2001.06.10. Xinmingwanbou - top page (CN), Hole in the Earth

1999. Kumamoto Newspaper (JP), Kawabegawa Dam

1998, Tokyo Newspaper (JP), A Trasy Day

2011 TV Rijnmond (NL) Edible Perfume Workshop

2011 Earth Beat Radio Sensing Our Environment (Worldwide) 

2011 International Film Festival Rotterdam Channel (NL), Palm Top Theater 

2011 TV Strait Time (SG) AROMASCAPE of Singapore

2010.09.23. Sweet'n Marble Lovers / FM Kyoto (JP)


2009. Woderful Science / FM Kyoto (JP)

2009. FM Tama (JP) Edible Perfume Workshop



2006.09.26, Ketel TV on Rotterdam TV (NL), Aromatic Journey #1

2006.07. Antenne TV (NL)Menu for Nose

2005.01.  NHK Digital Stadium (JP) Hole in the Earth

2005. Nederlandse Radio Omroep Shortwave (NL),   Hole in the Earth

2005.11. TV Rijnmond Rotterdam (NL), Aangenaam

2003.12. Hond eet Man (NL), Hole in the Earth

2003.12. Rotterdam Rijnmond (NL), Hole in the Earth

2001.06. National TV News (CN), Hole in the Earth




I have contributed various articles for these books and magazines:


2010 OPEN SAUCES BOOK, FoAM, ISBN 978-90-810733-0-1

2009 HOLLAND MANIA - americaanse en japanse beeldvorming over nederland -, Jonge Hond + Stedelijk Museum De Lakenhal Leiden, ISBN 978-90-89100-99-3

2008 PURGATORIA, EMIO GRECO | PC,  ISBN: 978-90-810813-4-4


AROMA RESEARCH - Journal of Aroma Science and Technology -, NO.42  vol. 12 / no. 01, FRAGRANCE JOURNAL LTD, ISSN 1345 4722

AROMA RESEARCH - Journal of Aroma Science and Technology -, NO. 35 vol 9. / no. 03, FRAGRANCE JOURNAL LTD, ISSN 1345 4722


Maki Ueda (JP/NL)


olfactory artist

online portfolio: http://www.ueda.nl


Born in Tokyo, Japan, in 1974. Currently based in Okinawa, Japan 


Maki Ueda is an artist who incorporates the olfactory sense in art. She considers smell to be “new media". Believing that "fewer visuals = stronger olfactory experiences", she puts the emphasis on olfaction over the visual aspect in her work. She often uses scents to spark the imagination or to create perceptual confusion.

She has developed a unique combination of chemical and kitchen skills in order to extract the scents of daily life, including foods, ambient aromas, and bodily scents. She creates scents that capture childhood, identity, a mood, or a historical event. The results of her experiments take the form of olfactory installations and workshops.

Maki Ueda studied media art under Masaki Fujihata at The Environmental Information Department (B.A. 1997, M.A. 1999), Keio University, Japan. She received a grant from the Japanese government in 2000 and from the POLA Art Foundation in 2007. She has been based in The Netherlands from 2000 till 2011. She teaches and gives workshops on olfactory art at ArtScience Interfaculty of The Royal Academy of Art and Royal Conservatory The Hague (NL) as a guest teacher.


2009 - Nominated for The World Technology Awards Category: Art (NY, USA)

2016 - Sadakichi Award Finalist, for 'The Juice of War', The Art and Olfaction Awards

2018 - Sadakichi Award Finalist, for 'Olfactory Games', The Art and Olfaction Awards




• Olfactory installations (as well as site-specific and open-air installations)

• Perfume artworks

• Research on the sense of smell and other senses

• Olfactory performances

• Olfactory workshops (for both adults and children)

• Food art event with the focus on the sense of smell and molecular gastronomy

• Teaching "olfactory art" at art schools and universities



Maki Ueda





In my artistic practice I use smell as a medium to incorporate the olfactory sense in art. Speaking generally about smell, we often think about its practical applications: perfumery, toiletry, flavoring etc. Contrarily, I focus on the parts that are related to memories, emotions, perceptions, and experiences. The smell that I present is like a piece of painting.

Currently I am one of the few artists in the world focusing solely on the olfactory sense. Honorary enough I have been invited to the unique art exhibition with the smells (and of the smells) “If There Ever Was” held in the U.K. in 2008.

While most of the artists/perfumers use the ready-made aroma ingredients, I make the ingredients from scratch. While the commercial world prefers the synthetic ingredients because it's inexpensive, stable, and controllable, I mainly deal with natural ingredients. I consciously do that because I want to work with the smell as a medium, to know what's happening on the material level. Natural smell has a depth that is incomparable with synthetic smell. Synthetic smell consists of the limited amount of components, while natural smell often consists of thousands of components, often uncountable. We know that the strawberry-flavored candy tastes totally different from the real strawberry, for example.



I extract the natural smell from a material with chemistry techniques for retrieving essential oil, distillation, ethanol extraction, oil maceration etc. Sometimes I refer to the chemistry of cooking. I present the smell with the different diffusion techniques like atomizing, perfuming, incensing, and printing (scratch & sniff). The results are presented in a form of installation, live performance, or workshop. I also collaborate with choreographers as a “scent artist” to develop the olfactory interaction in interdisciplinary performance pieces.


Over the last years I've been researching and finding interesting local scents, and extracting them on- site. The focuses are the scents of daily life; food, drinks, materials, persons, and the environment. The result is a series of the perfume works under the name “Aromatic Journey” (http://www.ueda.nl/aromatic_journey1). The local culture is being explored and experienced by means of smell. The audience intuitively experiences essences of a culture by smelling. The results are not a perfume to wear, but to smell and trigger one's memory and imagination. For the foreign people they could smell totally exotic, while for local people they could be redefining and zooming into their native scents.

Olfactory preferences are originally locally oriented. They correspond to the evaporating character of aromatic substances. Each culture has its own special smell representation. Nowadays a lot of natural daily-life smells are disappearing because of the drastic changes in lifestyle. The chemically reconstructed smells made by the mass industry are invading us everywhere, and erasing and replacing the natural smells. On a street in Japan you smell Channel 5 just like you do in Europe. I consider this phenomenon as the nasal globalization.

In the past I was making media art works focusing on global awareness and communication. In 2003 I've realized “Hole in the Earth” , an installation in public space with bidirectional permanent streaming of video and audio for connecting two totally different cultures; Indonesia and Holland. When I was in Indonesia for installing, I became interested also to stream the local (good and bad) smells of the street over the internet. This has pushed me into my current works.


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