- a composition of smells in a space -

installation (2010)



olfacto = olfactory, the sense of smellscape = denoting a specified type of scene

Olfactoscape is a 3m diameter space created with a curtain. The walls are invisiblly "painted" with smells.

OLFACTOSCAPE is a word that I made up, consisting of OLFACTO (= olfactory) and SCAPE (= scene). Let's observe an olfactory landscape with our nose, like a dog. Close your eyes, walk and sniff.  Some scents come closer to you, while others fade away. Is there any scent that attracts you, or that makes you want to approach? This is a research project of searching for the boundaries and possibilities of our sense of smell.

Japanese people have a unique sense for the scents in nature. They appreciate the scents of the season as if viewing the landscape. They feel tipsy for the sweet scents under the cherry blossoms in the early spring night, and they feel the autumn for the scents of osmanthus. OLFACTOSCAPE is meant for experiencing such olfactory attitude. The selection of the scents illustrates this Japanese sensitivity to nature.

This work was initially developed with the support of INFRAMINCE, Inc ( and PANTALOON (










- hinoki
- camphor
- lily of the valley
- cherry blossoms
- wild rose
- forest with fallen leaves
- ginger
- yuzu
- matsutake
- wild lily
- cinnamon
- grass

More documentations regarding its development:


concept: Maki Ueda

installation developed by: Pantaloon & Maki Ueda

sponsored by: Yamamoto Perfumery Co. Ltd.

produced by: Inframince